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PEP is a strategically based Los Angeles consulting firm rendering its services to the hospitality industry catering specifically to restaurant/bar/lounge clients and venues.  We recognize that each restaurateur/investor may have different goals due to various circumstances and we work step-by-step with clients to develop dynamic concepts and carry them from conception to completion, delivering bottom line results.  

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PEP would be happy to assist you in opening your restaurant /bar/lounge and developing and nurturing the relationships necessary to turn it into a premier destination location in Los Angeles. 


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Signing the commercial lease can be one of the riskiest things you do in your business. With our extensive real estate experience (indeed, one of our Partners is a licensed Real Estate broker), KAGLEW has the knowledge and negotiating skill to assemble a favorable lease agreement for your restaurant and to ensure that you avoid potential pitfalls. Accordingly, we aim for results that ensure a profitable restaurant throughout the duration of the lease. There are countless concerns to address in almost every lease and every lease truly is a unique situation which must be treated with the utmost care as the success of your restaurant will depend heavily on your initial lease negotiation.  We will negotiate the most favorable terms possible carefully constructing lease terms and renewals to suit our clients specific needs. We will negotiate every aspect of the lease focusing on specific items including but not limited to: Tenant improvement allowances, lease deferments during build out and acquisition of licenses, Parking allocations to provide for the CUP requirements, Signage and advertising concerns, and  Guarantees and lease security provisions.  When KAGLEW negotiates your lease, we do so with over a decade of practical legal and commerical Real Estate experience.

Conditional Use Permit


In order to ensure compatibility between land uses, local governments establish zoning codes which determine the allowable uses in each zone.  In addition to those land uses allowed by-right, there are many others which are permitted on a conditional basis.  These include the sale and dispensing of alcoholic beverages in commercial zones, the operation of extended hours on a commercial corner property, the operation of a hotel within 500 feet of a residential zone, the operation of a dance hall in commercial zones, and over 100 others.  These Conditional Use Permits (CUP) – sometimes called AUP’s - require a formal application to the Department of City Planning.  The application itself is comprised of a formal code-based request; preparation of findings that explain why a land use request should be granted; a map showing all land uses, zones, names of property owners, and addressed of occupants within a 300 or 500 foot radius; floor plans showing the proposed use; referral from relevant specific plans; and several others items.  In addition to the application, the decision maker(s) may request that the applicant(s) obtain the support of a local neighborhood council, police department, and/or an elected city official.  The final decision is usually made at a public hearing where testimony is heard regarding the zoning requests.


Because these applications are expensive, time consuming, and difficult to alter, it is critical that they are correctly filed the first time. We have extensive experience preparing these cases and representing our clients at these hearings.  In certain circumstances, we are even able to move forward without having to file a CUP.

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