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PEP was created by highly motivated and committed restaurant consultants, demonstrating extensive experience in restaurant development and management.  As established restaurateurs and developers, the partners at PEP have a vast working knowledge of numerous industries; including hospitality, media, marketing, promotions, commercial real estate, and private equity financing. PEPs primary objective is to create an environment in each project where the customers are clamoring to be the first ones in the door.


We Work Step-by-Step With Each Client

PEPis a strategically based Los Angeles consulting firm rendering its services to the hospitality industry catering specifically to restaurant clients and venues. PEP recognizes that each restaurateur/investor has different goals and different obstacles to overcome and continually strive to provide each and every one of our clients with a degree of service that is second to none.  

"Turn-Key" Restaurant Creation Services

We occupy a unique niche in the restaurant consultant world by virtue of the breadth of our expertise and the fact that we are one of a very small number of firms that offers complete "turn-key" restaurant creation services. From the time we are retained till the point that you decide that the operation is running smoothly, we are involved with the entire decision making process. 


These tasks not only include supervising the creation of restaurant concepts and menus, but complete legal documents and architectural and kitchen design services, as well as hiring and training your new kitchen staff, front of house management and server team. Our services do not end there; beginning with sourcing your POS system we ensure the integration of all the management and operational controls necessary to establish a financially viable organization. This includes implementing systems and training staff to manage food and labor costs, purchasing & inventory controls, daily and weekly sales reporting, and even involves the installation and setup of your back of house accounting system including appropriate management training. 

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