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What We Do


PEP has counseled and consulted restaurateurs on every facet of restaurant development, operations and management. From creating and implementing business and financial plans, to designing innovative restaurant concepts and menus and even providing long-term management contracts for operating food service facilities, we have successfully supported independent restaurant operators and corporate clients alike over the entire spectrum of the restaurant development process in Los Angeles since 2001.


Our process as it relates to the myriad of tasks associated with a successful restaurant opening is tried and tested.  Every day brings new challenges and we are prepared to guide you through the maze. Whether you utilize our complete turn-key restaurant creation service or simply need support for a single task along the way, PEP is committed to the long term success of your restaurant. Our portfolio of successful projects speaks for itself.




     At PEP, we understand the importance of strategic supervision that encompasses all aspects of the many phases of opening a restaurant.


      -   Extensive administrative duties including: Corporate formation, raising capital, licensing, liquor licensing matters, logo creation, state name registration, trade mark registration, and all contract drafting and negotiation. 


     -   Lease Negotiation and structuring of lease hold to ensure a profitable business though the duration of the lease.


     -   Supervising the Design and Construction including the selection, retention, and management of the necessary professionals – Architect, Engineer, General Contractor, Electrician, Plumber, Audio Experts.


     -   Executive Chef Supervision, including kitchen menu development, vendor selection, products, pricing, and menu design with a high quality standard and maximum profit generation built in.  


     -   Liquor license applications – CUP & ABC, community outreach, and liasons with all city authorities.  


     -   Hiring Management - Staffing  and Equiping the Restaurant  


     -   PR  and Marketing with grand opening and coordination of special events and “buyouts.”

Signing the commercial lease could be one of the riskiest things you do in your business. With our extensive real estate experience (indeed, one of our Partners is a licensed Real Estate broker), we have the knowledge and negotiating skill to assemble a favorable lease agreement for your restaurant and to ensure that you avoid potential pitfalls

For any start-up restaurant, it is necessary to engage the services of various design professionals and food service consultants to help design and build your restaurant. With PEP’S experience and contacts, we select the professionals with the expertise and guidance that will you save a great deal of time and money while also providing an attractive and functional restaurant.

The heart and soul of any restaurant is the menu. Your Executive Chef team is a vital aspect of your new restaurant as they coordinate everything from the setup and structuring of the kitchen to the final presentation of the meal and the work of the kitchen staff and direct the preparation of meals. We shall work with the Executive Chef to create innovative menus and great tasting foods that are in the forefront of food fashion.   FYI, one of our partners is also an executive chef!

In cooperation with various City agencies, assists businesses by facilitating quick access to government decisions-makers and streamlining the permitting and entitlement processes for your Conditional Use Permit and Liquor License. 

The bottom line is that your restaurant is a business and should operate as such. Competent management is important to ensure your establishment is increasing volume while reducing costs to maximize profits. At PEP, we always keep these goals in mind while also understanding the importance in selecting a charismatic manager that has experience in hiring, training, and motivating employees, along with interacting with guests. 

After spending a great deal of time and money planning and executing the creation of the restaurant, the clientele now has to be made aware of this particular phenomenon - the proper publicist and public relations plan shall be necessary to balance the desire for a meteoric opening with the necessity of a prolonged and sustained shelf-life. We have a great understanding of what it takes to balance the hype with the desire to maintain longevity. .

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